• She is as simple as rain yet as complex as a labyrinth. 
  • She is prone to keeping men on a string, not completely heartlessly, she is evaluating if the man is worth her attention and her time she has no time to waste with a dull man.  
  • She’ll challenge you mentally. 
  • She’ll usually know a great deal about a lot of things, even if she hasn’t had the advantage of formal higher education. 
  • She’s restless, and she won’t adapt to a life of strict routine.
  • She’ll be full of the small, sentimental gestures that keep alive the romance in a relationship. 
  • She will always find new ways of telling you how much she loves you and will shower you with her alluring charm. 
  • She may act like a typical woman at one point of time, be a nervous wreck the other minute and engage in an intelligent conversation the very next second. 
  • She has the feminine charms, but she will never be clinging on to you. 
  • She finds something good in all the men she meets and then, wants a man who has all of those qualities. 
  • She keeps longing for that perfect man.
  • She can be your best friend, your sports partner, your racing competitor and your lover, all at the same time. 
  • She’s got plenty of charms and people skills and is very curious. 
  • She’s slow to anger and slow to forgive.
  • She has the ability to light up the most somber of surroundings with her presence. 
  • She’s highly passionate and likes unpredictable sex
  • She is not the easiest sign in the zodiac to seduce.
  • She is always quick to make fun of a bad situation and will even later fix it. 
  • She makes your life interesting and you will wonder how you ever got along without her before.  
  • She’s afraid of commitment. However if you can keep her interest then she will stay devoted.
  • She is interested with a man who is intelligent, deep and mysterious.
  • She’s the most challenging woman to interpret.
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Aries: The athlete….you wish. The nerd, who wishes to annoy people by challenging their intelligence.

Taurus: The spoiled rich kid.

Gemini: If male, the womanizer. If female, you pretty much get the idea.

Cancer: The punk rocker whose number 1 fan is his mother. 

Leo: Prom king or queen.

Virgo: Mr. or Ms. Clean that annoys the shit out of anyone.

Libra: The prep, if your not wearing the latest fashion, you’re out of style.

Scorpio: The goth, often appears dressed up like Marilyn Manson and found listening to the song “I wear my sunglasses at night”.

Sagittarius: The jock, when they see someone who gets A’s in almost every class, they automatically yell out “NERDS!!!!” and threaten to take their lunch money or beat them up unless they do their homework.

Capricorn: More than just a bully, often seen riding in the back of a police car for who knows what.

Aquarius: If there’s something you want, its likely they’ve got it. The drug dealer.

Pisces: Always got their head up in the clouds, singing songs around the campfire, the hippie.

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Aries — Bam Bam Bam, asleep says nothing

Taurus — The Chocolate was a great idea.

Gemini — Now talk to me.

Cancer — What do you want to eat?

Leo — I just get better and better each time.

Virgo — Go wash your self (dont forget to scrub), I’ll disinfect the bed.

Libra — It was good right? How was it? Did everything go well? I can’t decide.

Scorpio — Next time, chain me to the chair, and have rabbits doing it around the chair, so I can watch.

Sagittarius — I gotta go, dont have time to stick around.

Capricorn — Off to work. I’ll tell you when I’m ready for the next time.

Aquarius — We should do it on skype.

Pisces — I dont remember a thing, so it never happen.

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Why is this is so true? I always like the “chase.”

Why is this is so true? I always like the “chase.”

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Geek Zodiac
I’ve always known — my boyfriend’s a spy.

Geek Zodiac

I’ve always known — my boyfriend’s a spy.


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I’m good at not taking things too seriously. 
I enjoy learning about everything.
I enjoy my freedom and independence.
I don’t take “spirituality” too seriously.
I am not that attached to my beliefs and opinions.
I eat candy.
I do not have issues with commitment.
If people were more like kids, the world would be a much better place. 
I am naturally witty.
I communicate easily with others.
I enjoy being the trickster.
I am totally honest.
I like to do a little bit of everything.
I am very open-minded.
I’ll try anything once.
I enjoy a good disagreement.
It’s fun to play the devil’s advocate.
My mind is one of my greatest assets.
I don’t judge people who are not honest
I’m good at small talk.
It’s nice to do fun things that seem ultimately trivial and unimportant.

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Don’t try to understand the mind of a female #Gemini. Men have gone mad trying.

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In Indian (Vedic) astrology, your zodiac sign determines your karmic path and the challenges you will face during your incarnation in this life. Here is a simple break down of how your zodiac sign can reveal your karma based on past life experiences. (Via)

Your challenge may be to put someone else first for a change as you are a fire sign who is very ambitious. Your challenges often have to do with your reputation. Problems with money can arise because of your impulsiveness.


You are a stubborn individual and it may be your challenge to admit for once that you are wrong. Loneliness is often a problem for this sign.

You tend to escape reality and, as talented as you are, you may be presented with situations in this life that force you to be more grounded. Health problems could present themselves. Love triangles are common and fidelity could be another challenge for you.  *how the hell did you know that?

You are very inward looking and shy. Your challenge may be to overcome depression or a “woe is me” attitude. Mental health and relationship problems are common.

You are a very arrogant and ambitious individual and you may be presented with challenges in this life that force you to be a little less selfish and shallow. Financial problems are common with Lion type karma.

You are a very controlling individual who finds it difficult to let go. You may be presented with situations in this life that compel you to be less rigid. You may often be dealing with situations where you are not credited for your work or you feel unloved.

You are indecisive and you may be forced to make some tough decisions that are out of the ordinary to remedy your karma from other lives. You will learn not to blame others for your problem. The issue is to determine whether you are a martyr or a victim.

You can be obsessive and too concerned with sex. Your challenge may be to rise beyond the compulsive nature of your desires. You may also be tempted to dabble in the occult.

You can be wayward and concerned only about your own agenda. Issues of commitment could be challenging in this life if you are born under this zodiac sign.

You love money and acquiring possessions. One of your challenges may be realizing that money is not everything in this life. You might also be presented with issues that show you that “everything” does not have to be perfect for you to be loved.

You love to be free and to while away the hours in your own mind. Unfortunately, this leads to procrastination. You may face challenges that are the consequences of not being mindful or paying attention to what is important in life.

The Pisces zodiac sign is always looking for the other in their life time. The challenge might be how to learn how to be alone or you might face issues of coherency and addiction.

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