These two may not seem like the most likely of astrological success stories, but Gemini woman and Libra man are actually a very good match. They get along very well and their romance will be based on mutual respect and understanding. This is one of those rare couples who will be friends as well as lovers. For some signs this will not appeal, but for these two people it will be the ultimate romance because all of their needs will be met by that one special person. Gemini woman will adore Libra man’s tolerant ways, and Libra man will admire Gemini woman’s zest for life. They will complement each other in every imaginable way, where other signs could never come close.

Gemini woman cannot sit still for very long, and this can drive some men crazy. Libra man, however, is somehow tolerant of this need and behavior, even going so far as to admire the quality. He will view his Gemini woman as a carefree explorer who wants to experience all aspects of life to the fullest, and he will be proud of this. He will encourage her to spend time with her friends, and he won’t bat an eye if she wants to go out with her friends alone. This will surprise Gemini woman, who’s had numerous difficulties soothing previous boyfriends’ ruffled feathers when jealousy starts to rear its head. That’s not to say Libra man would tolerate any sort of infidelity, because he wouldn’t. But he’s confident enough and secure enough in their relationship that he wouldn’t make a big fuss over something he knows is innocent fun.

Libra man is fair and even-tempered. He’s equally comfortable sitting home alone for a quiet evening or trekking across the world and exploring new and exciting places. This will thrill Gemini woman because here is a man who’s capable of going with her flow. In love they will be affectionate and romantic, though passion won’t be quite as high as it would be in other relationship pairs. This is perfectly okay for these two individuals, however, because neither requires big displays of passion to feel totally in love with someone. This will be a very grown-up relationship, so to speak, because true maturity will result from the mutual respect these two pay each other on a daily basis, and the freedom they allow one another to have.

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